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Early start ..
It all started 8 years ago in Liberty City.. a small group of close friends who were seeking easy money and ended up becoming one of the most fearsome criminal organizations in San Andreas ...
being ex military soldiers who served in various conflicts around the world we’ve been well trained and familiar with all kinds of weapons. After the end of our service we were back home with no job nor enough money to give us the life we’ve always dreamed of, to survive we had to do the only thing we’r good at for a living .. killing people.
we started accepting individual hit contracts while trying to keep low profile and stay away from the cops, but the business was growing by every hit and the success made us famous within the criminal world in Liberty City .. within couple of months we were contacted by the leader of the Triads, the biggest gang in Liberty City.

Playing with the giants!
At the office of the Triads leader we were given an offer we couldn’t refuse, working for the Triads to help them getting rid of their worst enemies - The Sindaco Mafia family – which controlled the other half of the city. in return we would become a division of the Triads with all the possibilities it opens for us. money, protection, and unlimited arms & ammo support .. told you, a deal we couldn’t refuse .. even if the price was to throw ourselves into the flames of the worst and most brutal gangs war Liberty City ever witnessed.
working with the Triads was profitable yet dangerous, they didn’t trust us and we didn’t trust them but we kept the business going. We were handling our part of the agreement taking out all the targets Triads wanted eliminated, and on the other hand we’ve kept our eyes on Triads members to learn the secrets of surviving in the criminal life .. arms trafficking, drug dealing, extortion, arson, kidnapping, and money laundering. Within weeks we became experts in all sorts of criminal acts and even started pulling side jobs on our own.
But everything changed when the Sindaco chose a new leader who came up with an offer to stop the war that was negatively affecting both gangs business and asked to split the city’s criminal world rather than killing each other, the agreement was fair enough for the Triads to agree on. with this agreement we thought that it’s just a matter of time before we become a Triads division as promised .. but we were wrong.

Change of plans
With the war over and us not needed anymore, Triads knew we were a problem knowing that much about their activities. And with the Sindaco’s new leader -who didn’t forget what we did to them- throwing more words into the Triads leader ears, both gangs set us a trap. We went for what seemed like another usual mission before finding ourselves surrounded by cops. And after a bloody gun shooting we managed to escape to our safe place.
after a small discussion we knew we have to move out, we were now wanted by the police and hunted by the Triads and Sindacos , we gathered all the money we were able to carry and everything that was important then set the building on fire to cover our traces before heading to the airport and setting off to San Andreas using fake identities.

A New Start
We arrived at Los Santos Airport and contacted one of our old friends there who was one of Los Santos most successful Lawyers with various connections all around San Andreas. from government officials, successful business men, and even drug lords and arms dealers. He helped us getting new legit identities and a quite place to hide in Los Santos, invested our money into some the biggest San Andreas companies, and helped us to anonymously send all the evidences we had on Triads to the Liberty City SWAT commander which led to arresting most of it’s active members.
for 2 years we’ve been hiding in Los Santos before we decided to start our business again. and rather than working for a gang we would take over San Andreas.
Equipped with our elite skills, criminal world knowledge, and a lot of money and contacts, we moved to Las Venturas and established our Organization headquarters at the far north under the front of an Investments corporation, we started training a new generation of assassins throughout the most strict training process you could ever imagine to make our members faster, stronger, and better than any other assassins.

and now after 5 years of hard work, we stand as the biggest and most successful assassinations organization in San Andreas and one of the most terrifying gangs in it, our agents managed to keep a 100% success rate in every missions we accepted, our Arms triad & customization business is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each month, our money laundering business using our front is more than profitable, and our name strikes fear deep down the heart of anyone who hears it.BLACK~BULLETS 0SKdixz
Black Bullets is a well-funded criminal organization providing assassinations and mercenary services. we are based in San Fierro but our services covers San Andreas as a whole. The classes we assassinate include cops, civilians, and criminals. For the right price we can eliminate whom who threats your business.

  • Assassinations performed on Cops cost $30,000

  • Assassinations performed on Criminals cost $30,000

  • Assassinations performed on Civilians cost $20,000

in addition we provide all kinds of weapons repairs, coating, and customizations with a wide variety of scopes and silencers. We’re also ready to provide you with any amount of weapons or ammo you seek.

  • Amounts and prices of arms services must be negotiated with one of our agents first

money laundering is also an option throughout our Investments Corp. front

  • Amount of investments and our cut percentage must be negotiated with one of our agents firstBLACK~BULLETS Ujaxw17

  • Gang Level : 5
    Gang Name : Black~Bullets
    Gang Tags: [B~B]Name[Rank]
    Gang Value: 700+ Million
    Gang Motto: “Death By Signature”
    Current base location : South SF
    Color Code: #ff4500
    Founder : RICHMAN
    Leader & Head of HQ Team : RICHMAN
    Vice Leader :KenZo
    HQ Team : 


  • Level 5 / 4

    [L] - The Leader (Leader of the organization)
    [VL]- Vice Leader (the 2nd man in command)
    [HQ] - Head Quarters (the head quarters team of the organization)
    [sHQ]- Sub-Head Quarter (Represents one of the HQ team and works under his authority)

    Special Ranks :

    [W]- The Wise (Head of HQ team [ESO] - brain, heart and soul of the organization and it’s spiritual leader)
    [HM] - Honorary Members (Legendary assassins who’ve done a lot for our organization)

    Level 3

    [=V=] - Veterans (a loyal assassin who have done so much for the organization)
    [=R=] - Respected (a respected member who have been in our organization for a long time)
    [=H=]- Hitman (an elite assassin who’ve proven enough skills)

    Level 2

    [-BH-] - Bounty Hunter (professional sniper who never misses his shot)
    [-SH-] - Shadow (the hidden death that leaves no traces)
    [-TR-] - Terrorist (unstoppable killer)

    Level 1

    {E} - Expert Assassin (a professional assassin who is expert with all sorts of weapons)
    {T} - Technical Assassin (a professional assassin who is expert in Heavy weapons)
    {S} - Silent Assassin (a professional assassin who is expert in silenced weapons)

    Level 0

    [R] - Rookie (a new assassin who is still learning the ways)
    [P] - Probation (a new member who is still under training)BLACK~BULLETS Rdc6rOw

  • 1- You must be aware of all the WSS RPG rules and completely understand them.
    2- Respect your fellow gang members and HQ’s.
    3- Do not use grenades while being chased by cops unless you are sure it will not kill you.
    4- If you are being chased by a cop, do not run into the base to avoid being arrested.
    5- The HQ’s commands and decisions are final, you must follow them.
    6- Never kill or arrest fellow gang members or allies members.
    7- Abusing any kind of bugs is not tolerated and could result into a direct kick & perm blacklist.
    8- If you had any problems with another member, take the whole matter to an HQ.
    9- Always check forums for turf/bankrob/gangrob rules to be aware of the updates & new rules.
    10- Leaving without HQ permission will result into being blacklisted.
    11- Be respectful towards other players and always offer help to whoever needs it.


  • Alliance Rules :
    1- do not turf an ally turf without asking for permission to do so
    2- we will support each other in turfs/BRs/and all criminal activities.
    3- we will sort any problems from either sides between the HQ teams without officially reporting it

    Alliance Rules :

    1- do not turf an ally turf without asking for permission to do so
    2- we will support each other in turfs/BRs/and all criminal activities.
    3- we will sort any problems from either sides between the HQ teams without officially reporting it


  • Recruitment Status: OPEN
    want to join us? please read our application standards first then fill an application using the format posted down below
    Application Standards :
    1- You must be 15+ years old.
    2- You must be playing on the server for at least 3 months.
    3- You must have an (at least) 1 month forum account.
    4- You must know how to RP, and know how our RP role works.
    5- Do not use any stupid fonts or colors while filling your application.

    • limited exception may be considered.
    • meeting these standards doesn't mean in any way that you must get accepted, but if you don't meet them you will most likely be denied.

    Note : After some incidents with players using our helper tags recklessly and breaking rules with it, we have decided that Helper tags [B~B-H] are to be used only when assisting B~B members or when hanging out with them ONLY. failure to follow this rule will cause your application to be denied.
    Application Format:
    Applicant Main Information :

    • Nickname:
    • Username:
    • Age:
    • Nationality:
    • Languages you can speak:

    Player SAES Career Information :

    • How long have you been playing on WSS RPG? :
    • Do you have past experience with other gangs/squads/companies? (name them) :
    • If yes, explain the reasons why you left/got kicked from each of them :
    • Have you ever been banned from WSS RPG (if yes, please explain) :
    • What groups are you currently part of? :

    Personality Information :

    • What makes you special over the others and why should we accept you? :
    • Explain in your own words the roleplay of Black~Bullets:
    • Why did you apply specifically for Black~Bullets? :
    • Do you know any B~B Member (as a friend), and did anyone recommend you to apply for us? :
    • Anything else that you would like to add? [Optional] :BLACK~BULLETS Gbi6fea

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gl dude
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